Lancaster County Heritage Furniture

Lancaster County heritage and identity go back to the early 1700s. It was settled by the Germans, Swiss, Scotch-Irish, English Quakers, and French Huguenots. They became farmers, traders, entrepreneurs, and artisans. They thrived with their skills, hard work, honesty, close families, and stable communities. Lancaster County was the breadbasket of the colonies. It became the center for rifle making and horology – the art of making timepieces.

Lancaster County Heritage CraftsmanToday, Lancaster County's rich heritage is as alive as in the past. Deep roots in family and culture still remain and continue to be passed from generation to generation. Thomas Morton is fascinated by local history. "I believe," he says, "that, in some small way, I can continue the heritage of Lancaster County furniture and furniture making. By perusing the wonderful local museums, auctions, and family collections, I have selected a group of handcrafted furniture I call our Lancaster County Heritage Collection. By acquiring our furniture, you will own a piece of history and of Lancaster County itself. Each original piece has stood the test of simplistic beauty, generations of use, and many cherished memories. Now it is your time to collect, admire, and enjoy your own heirlooms that we can provide for your family." Click on the links below to explore our Lancaster County Heritage Collection.

Morton Fine Furniture is proud to be designated an official Lancaster County Heritage Craftsman, dedicated to preserving local history, cultural traditions, and natural resources for future generations. To learn more about the Lancaster County Heritage Program, visit the Lancaster County Heritage website.